Conjuring him is equal to conjuring all the djinns on this earth.

He is the most powerful djinn as he is the king and all relative djinns are his subjects. I bring you the most powerful djinn. If you are able to have  him as your slave,then you have the all GENIE KINGDOM.

  • If he is your slave, all his kingdom and his subjects are your slaves. This is the most powerful djinn in the world.

  • This King Djinn ALIFAN can do much more for you than any other jinn, djinn or jabal in this world.. This is the most powerful djinn in the world.

  • The  process for conjuring THE KING DJINN ALIFAN is a 40 day djinn summoning and invocation process.

Ajinnah Youssouf - THE NOBLE MALE DJINN -

DJINN, HAMZAD or JABAL are the different names for AJINNAH YOUSSOUF. Just one day's bonding process to his master he  provides him the power to see in the future. You may have definitely known through your own knowledge or may have heard from your elders about djinns.  

There are two types of DJINN, the wicked one ( Shaiateeni Spirit ) and the noble one that is ( Roohani Spirit ) who is very obedient and gentle. Now you can conjure and control the noble GENIE ( summon the spirit ) whose name was "AJINNAH YOUSSOUF".  If you are enthusiastic person with all courage and no fear to conjure and command this noble GENIE and succeed in doing this djinn invocation, you too can be the world's most successful and rich man full of MYSTICAL POWERS.

When you conjure this noble DJINN, you will be able to see everything possible on this earth. There is nothing that this DJINN will refuse doing when commanded by you provided you do not engage him in illegal activities, such as rapes and anything illegal.  This is a very powerful djinn. A few examples of what AJINNAH YOUSSOUF can do for you are given as follows, when conjured and summoned.

  • He can give you the correct winning numbers for Lotto, Pools, Bingo and help you out in any sort of gambling E.t.c.

  • If you desire to travel to another country, you do not need any sort of documents or aircrafts, you just have to order your DJINN and he will hold your hands and in a fraction of a minute you will be in the land of your dreams, similarly if you need somebody to come to you it is a matter of seconds that AJINNAH YOUSSOUF will produce the person male or female, friend or enemy. Easy Ajinnah Youssouf djinn spell.

  • If you desire to see something distant, you just have to command the AJINNAH YOUSOUF and he will immediately portray the same in front of your eyes.

  • If you wish to have the hidden treasures that are under ground, order your DJINN and he shall show you the same and if there is no owner of the treasure, he may even bring it to you and put it in your feet. 

  • If you have a blood enemy, you just have to order your DJINN and he shall look after the whole problem and the person on the whole.

  • If you desire to teach a good lesson to anyone male or female, your obedient AJINNAH YOUSSOUF will do the needful under your command. 

  • You need anything on this living earth, you just have to tell your slave the AJINNAH YOUSSOUF and it shall be done in no waste of time.

  • If you wish to be invisible to the world for as long as you need too, the GENIE will hold your hand and you will be invisible for that long, no one will see you or your possessions but you will be able to see everyone and everything. When you wish to be visible again tell your AJINNAH YOUSSOUF and you will be visible again.


Now this old treasured EGYPTIAN DJINN AJINNAH YOUSSOUF can be your obedient slave . you can order now.

Do not fear at all as the spirit will be in your control and under no circumstances can cause any harm to you or your family whatsoever. The spirit shall instead do anything that you may instruct it to do apart from stealing money, or anything that is not proper in the frame of law. The spirit will also protect you and your family from unseen disaster, unforeseen accidents, unnatural deaths, etc. , you alone will be able to see the noble powerful angel spirit with your naked eyes, as and when you desire to do so.


Find out the real concept of djinn, jinn, ghosts, spirit, demons, satan in islam.
Information on the jinn, from quran quotes and faqs. jinn according to quran and sunnah. People have twisted the concept of jinn, however, it is interesting to note its origin is from islam. Everything you need to know about jinn spirit djinn
djinn jinn djinn jinns ufo, alien, spirit, demon, ghost, grey jinn summoning and materialize as many creatures like ufo, monster, elementals, demons, ascended master, apparition, doppelganger and angel. they are masters of astral science.

in islam and pre-islamic arabian folklore, a spirit, also known as jinn, djinn, from arabic ??? jinn? is a supernatural creature which possesses free will.


Haunted immortal portal djinn jinn spirits spirit fairy invocations and spirits. Genies, metaphysical , psychic, paranormal , Haunted dark ifrit, efrit, djinns, jinns spirits female lust jinn monsters, saints, summoning aliens and spirits,. What are the jinn, what form can the devils take? are all jinn bad ?, in arabian history. from the distant past, the different tribes of djinn had a lot of interaction with mortals.



Many people have asked me to help them obtain the Djinn / Jinn, that can help them Solve the following:

  • Business Problem

  • Get fame and power

  • Wealth

  • Psychic abilities

  • To Solve Their Love & Relationship Problems

  • Prophecy

  • Protection from dark spells and in some cases from Evil djinn

  • The Wish Of Good Health

  • Instant Wealth Wish

  • The Wish To open The Third Eye

  • The Wish To Unlock The 7 Energy Centers Of The Body

  •  The Wish Of Beauty

  • The Wish Of Protection against the evil spirits

  • Fertility Wish

  • The Wish Of Enternal Youth  

  • Exorcism ( I can Also Help Those Who Are Possessed By Evil Spirits )  E.T.C



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