Complete control over your life. Powerful magic to fulfill your desires. Djinn spirits that serve and obey the master of the ring. Gain authority over your enviroment and events in your life.

I am now able offer one of the finest magical artifacts available for sale that you will have the chance to purchase. Many that study any tradition of magic have heard of the legendary ring of Solomon. There are many rings that are made claiming to be the replica of his legendary ring. I have seen many but have easily dismissed the sigils and symbols of such rings as inventions of non knowledgable dabblers.    Ring of Djinn Summoning

This beautiful ring, hand crafted is made of pure sterling silver and a large beautifully engraved black Oynx. This ring is from an antique ruhani book on magic from Iraq. The ring is crafted to aid all magical practitioners in the summoning and working with djinn and other spirits. The engraving is an ancient powerful Ruhaniat talisman using the name of God, along with words of power that spirits obey.By wearing the ring, you will find summoning and evocational rituals to be more rewarding and fulfilling, you will experience the djinn or other spirits on a whole new level.


The ring allows the wearer to more easily command spirits to appear and have the spirits cooperate safely with the practitioner.The ring acts as a protection aide for summoning spirits and a great tool for grounding the practitioner during and after long magical procedures.The ring is designed to be charged with a special mantra that helps the wearer to see djinn while wearing the ring. Becoming aware and being able to see djinn will be a quite shocking experience to anyone as the djinn are truly everywhere in our world.


The practitioner may also charge the ring using the ancient Berhatiah Oath, further opening the door way into the realm of the angels and djinn, experiencing first hand their spiritual and magical powers.I recommend this ring to experienced magical practitioners as a tool to take your magical practice to a whole new level! With the ring, I will include all information about using the ring as well as the special mantra for seeing djinn and the Berhatiah Oath.

Al-Kursi Ring of Blessings with Bismillah

R60,000.00 Regular Price
R51,000.00Sale Price

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    Many people have asked me to help them obtain the Djinn / Jinn, that can help them Solve the following:

    • Business Problem

    • Get fame and power

    • Wealth

    • Psychic abilities

    • To Solve Their Love & Relationship Problems

    • Prophecy

    • Protection from dark spells and in some cases from Evil djinn

    • The Wish Of Good Health

    • Instant Wealth Wish

    • The Wish To open The Third Eye

    • The Wish To Unlock The 7 Energy Centers Of The Body

    •  The Wish Of Beauty

    • The Wish Of Protection against the evil spirits

    • Fertility Wish

    • The Wish Of Enternal Youth  

    • Exorcism ( I can Also Help Those Who Are Possessed By Evil Spirits )  E.T.C



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    The Law requires that I must state that all paranormal / metaphysical items are for entertainment purposes only & You must be 18 years of age or older to buy.