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Afew years ago made four of these rings. Each one of these ring work as vessers of specific energies. I'm hounoud to present to you the the Khodam / Muwakil Energy Ring Of Success, Luck And Prosperity.

This is a ring that engulfs it's wearer in the energy that is contained in it, the energy is affiliated to the purposes that this ring was designed for.

For Success:
If an individual is working for someone or  has a business of there own, then this ring will be prepared and consecreted specificaly for you and your business or work place to bring success in it, this is how the ring will work. When this individual is at their business / work place they will wear the ring so that the ring can store as much positive energies into it's wearer And the business / work place which will make one work harder, makes one think clearer, as all the positive vibs will icrease the success of the business and also attract in more customers.

The Benefits Of This Ring:
Protection: Physical World, Black Magic, Demonic, Evil Eye
Be Surrounded By The Energies Of The Khodams / Muwakils Brought Forth During Conjuration Processes
Assistance In Almost Anything You Do 
Spiritual Development
Guidance In Your Spiritual Jaurney
There are many more benefits but i listed the main ones.

Khodam / Muwakil Energy Ring Of Success, Luck And Prosperity

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