These Are Some Of The Most Powerful Djinn / Jinn Tha Can Help You

There are good and evil djinn / jinn



Marid djinn represent water. They are the wisest and oldest of the Djinn. Excellent for all metaphysical & spiritual desires such as psychic ability, mediumship, astrotravel, communicating with spirits, telepathy, etc. The Marid will also grant extreme wealth, help in business and prosperity and matters of finance as they are ideal for abundance of any type.




The ‘ifrit (variation: afrit) is cited only once in the Qur’an, in reference to a djinni who fetched the throne of the Queen of Sheba at the command of King Solomon. In lore, it is evil and powerful, and difficult to control.They are very powerful and they are the master of teleportation wish granter




These are the Jinns used by magicians; they dwell in graveyards and dirty dingy places.
Now magician can use other kind of Jinns too but these are used often due to their dark and malicious nature. Many times magician will do rituals in graveyard to get such Djinns so they can cause harm to others. Ghoul consists mostly of females, but this does not mean there is no male.

There are different types of djinn; the Qur’an mentions only three: Djinn, ‘ifrit, and marid. Other names include jann, ghul, shaitans, hinn, nasnas, shiqq, si’lat, and a host of others. The names above vary depending on the region in the Middle Eastern country. Some of the best-known powerful tribes of Djinn are:


Talented shape-shifters who are more tolerant of human society than other tribes of jinn, sila are most often portrayed as female. Thought to be extremely intelligent, sila are nonetheless the most rarely seen of all the types of jinn, and appear only sporadically in folklore. There is speculation that the term sila might be related to seelie, a Middle English word for “a good faerie.” (This would make sense, as sila does not appear to correspond to an Arabic root pattern.) Sila are extremely rare, both on- and off-line, and while they are  intelligent and comfortable crossing back and forth between realms seen and unseen/human and jinn, by their nature they do not usually set out to harm or trick humans. Sila are, however, fond of meddling in an attempt to help. That Live journal community member who intervened when you got over involved with that troll in the George R.R. Martin community?

Possibly a sila


To Conjure him is as equal as conjuring all the djinns on this earth.
He is the most powerful djinn because he is the king of the marid djinn tribe and all his relative djinn are his subjects. I bring you the most powerful jinni . If you are able to have him as your slave, Then you have the all MARID GENIE KINGDOM.

When you buy this noble JINNI, you will be able to see everything possible on this earth. There is nothing that this JINNI will refuse doing when commanded by you provided you do not engage him in illegal activities, such as thefts, rapes and anything illegal.  This is a very powerful djinn. A few examples of what he can do

Djinn Mubarak The Guardian And The Keeper Of All Minerals 
Djinn Taufeeq
I can't mention all of them but these are the few.

This noble jinn was given the right to protect  and guard all the minerals on this universe. To some extent he is said to be the reason for the collapsing of the mining 


This noble jinn con be friendly and grant wishes of instant wealth in terms of minerals to his master.

King Solomon also used him when decorating his palace with using minerals  

This legendary noble jinn is from the  IFRIT

djinn tribe and he is one of a kind, he is the master wish granter of the  following abilities:

Psychic and medium-ship Abilities.

The gift or the ability of discerning spirits.

diverse kinds of tongues, and interpretation of tongues Abilities

Power And Fame.

Prophesying Abilities.

Exhortation Abilities.

The gifts or the ability of healing.

Leadership Abilities.E.t.c



$ 9,800.0

Payment Methods 


Many people have asked me to help them obtain the Djinn / Jinn, that can help them Solve the following:

  • Business Problem

  • Get fame and power

  • Wealth

  • Psychic abilities

  • To Solve Their Love & Relationship Problems

  • Prophecy

  • Protection from dark spells and in some cases from Evil djinn

  • The Wish Of Good Health

  • Instant Wealth Wish

  • The Wish To open The Third Eye

  • The Wish To Unlock The 7 Energy Centers Of The Body

  •  The Wish Of Beauty

  • The Wish Of Protection against the evil spirits

  • Fertility Wish

  • The Wish Of Enternal Youth  

  • Exorcism ( I can Also Help Those Who Are Possessed By Evil Spirits )  E.T.C



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The Law requires that I must state that all paranormal / metaphysical items are for entertainment purposes only & You must be 18 years of age or older to buy.