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About Me

 As-salāmu ʿalaykum (Peace be Upon You)


My Name Is Mwinyi Habib.


I have always been passionate about  my witchcraft  and as a Conjurer! In such a powerful spiritually driven form; I believe in completing the circle, helping others through spell casting and giving spiritual guidance like no other spell caster. Egyptian Love spells, Egyptian money spells and lottery spells and exorcism by the help of the good djinn / jinn or genie

I can help you get the best djinn / jinn or genie that can grant you any wish that you want without any back fire or any consquences as a Conjurer it is my job to find you the best djinn / jinn or genie that will help you fulfeel you dreams ans desires

Daily, people are in need of understanding their direction and solving problems. In the wrong places people look and then discover when they reach me, the spells that work and spiritual guidance are real. My spiritual approach is very traditional, combining powerful djinn / jinn or genie powers, spiritual guidance and physical direction in one. Should a person listen and learn from myself about how powers of djinn / jinn or genie work, using my powerful djinn spells and working proactively on their spiritual journey. They will find the power was within them all along to change the problem. I have never had an unsatisfied client!

Chief Habib is a natural-born psychic and Egyptian spell caster. The first grandchild of every second generation receives this clairvoyant gift and abilities to conjure spirits or any entity e.g the djinn / jinn or genie . Since I was born, my grandfather has been an influential mentor in teaching me the ancient knowledge and traditional witchcraft of my Akychi Master bloodlines.

Through Egyptian spell casting honours, I have seen his amazing energy influence across the world. His reputation is so immense, that I can only hope to live up to his name. I now carry on the responsibilities of helping people finally experience happiness, with djinn abilities to performing Egyptian love spells, Egyptian money spells, Egyptian protection spells and other witchcraft magick.

I believe there is a solution to every problem. The ability is always there. It does not matter your circumstances, financial resources or what type of family background that you have in life. The number one factor in your spiritual journey is your personal self-image and belief. There should not be a day that you second guess whether you have the ability to achieve great dreams. It is just a matter of how and finding the solutions. The ability is always there.

I invite you to look over my Egyptian love spells to understand the amazing djinn powers and abilities that can do for people. Chief Habib has been a Conjurer for several years and recently won the best spell caster of the year award for his high success rate and customer satisfaction.

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