Here is the list of the 31 Jawiyun Jinn (Aerial Djinn) of Solomon:

The Jawiyun Djinn (Aerial Spirits) of Solomon are djinn associated with the four elements who were commanded by the legendary King Solomon. The Jawiyun Djinn (Aerial Spirits) are both good and evil. They can show anything in the world that is hidden and can fetch, carry, and do anything contained in the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire. They can discover the secrets of anyone, including kings. The Jawiyun Djinn (aerial spirits) are governed by 31 princes who are aligned to points on a compass.  The princes have dukes and myriad ministering Djinn or Spirits under their command. The princes cannot be summoned by magic unless the summoner wears their special sigils as a Lamen, Ring or pendant, upon the chest on a finger.