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What Are The Three Wishes That Can’t Be Granted By The Djinn
What Are The Wishes?
Can The Djinn / Jinn Really Grant Wishes?

 A feeling that one would like to have or do something or to see something happen; a desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing

Djinn / Jinn or Genies are known as one of the few paranormal beings who can grant just about any wish.  Others include Angels.  However there are always limits.  Wishes that would affect things on a large scale, including the planet, or Universe, cause the wisher to be sent to a parallel Universe where there wish is a reality.   Beyond that there are three wishes nobody is allowed to make, and a Djinn / Jinn or Genie is magically bound to never grant under the authority of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.

  • You cannot wish anyone directly dead. The Djinn / Jinn or Genie can’t kill people. However you can wish to go to a parallel Universe where a particular person died, or never existed to begin with.


These are three wishes nobody is allowed to make
  • You cannot wish to be a higher dimensional being such as a God, Angel, Demon, Djinn / Jinn or Genie, etc.  However you can wish to change places with the Genie to free them thereby damming yourself to imprisonment.  Also you can wish to be biological paranormal beings in this dimension.  This may include being a superhuman, an immortal, vampire, werewolf, zombie, fairy, leprechaun,To be Extremely Rich etc.  This doesn’t include certain beings like Santa Claus who are half Angel. Consult your Genie for more information.


  • You cannot wish for more wishes otherwise known as infinite wishes.  You also can’t cheat by making your three wishes, disposing of the bottle,ring or lamp, and then reclaiming it again.  Nobody can become a “Master” a second time.  Three wishes are your limit for life.  You can however wish the Djinn / Jinn or Genie to be your servant for life making you a perpetual master.  The Djinn / Jinn or Genies magic is then confined to menial tasks such as cleaning up your home, making you dinner, repairing things, etc.  So in a way you can get infinite wishes but they’re not anything that great.  Of course you are saving time, and money everyday.  Many people don’t know about this loophole.  The Djinn / Jinn or Genie will tell you what three wishes you can’t make but he or she will not share the “Servant” clause with you because they loathe the servant scenario most of all.  They’d rather be trapped alone in their prison for hundreds of years than serve you for life.


Now you know how to fully utilize your wishes if you’re lucky enough to happen upon a Djinn / Jinn or Genie in your lifetime.  Just remember to carefully word your wishes because Djinn / Jinn or Genies are notorious for twisting your words in a diabolical way. I recommend contacting Chief Habib  a Djinn / Jinn or Genie specialist before making these wishes.  In ancient times people didn’t have such help but in modern times you can turn to paranormal professionals to guide you through the perils of making wishes with unruly angry Djinn / Jinn or Genies who detest their forced confinement to bottles, and lamps.  Feel free to contact Chief Habib with any Djinn / Jinn or Genie related questions. Learn More About Djinn / Jinn or Genies
Those who came here under the search term “wish you all genies” I tell you no you can’t wish everyone was a Djinn / Jinn or Genie because that violates number two above.  You can wish somebody was something else but that would simply transport you to a parallel Universe where that person is that way already.  For instance you can say that you wish everyone on Earth was a vampire, and then you’d be transported to a parallel Earth where everyone is in fact a vampire.  Perhaps there was a major vampire uprising, and the planet was over run with every human ending up transformed or dead.

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