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The 18 djinn who are inferior to the six superior djinn already mentioned

These are the 18 inferior djinn (Alsufliu Djinn) who are beneath the six superior djinn, here i will identify their names, power, ranks and how one can use them. Although there are millions of djinn that are beneath the 18 inferior djinn, it would be useless to describe them because they are employed by their superiors. To work in their place all of these inferior spirits are employed as if they were workers of slaves. it is necessary to understand the following, that is:

Lusyfwj commands the first three who are called Bayl, 'Agharis and Marbas. Satanshia over Bruslas, Amwn and Rujuli. Ajilyaribit over Bur, Kusjin and Bitis. Flur over Jalas, Harsan and 'Iilijur. Sarjatanas over Lwray, Valefar and Satafeal. Nybyrws over Aybirus, Sawf taltaqit and Qayimat Almustalahat.

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