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This Strange Item is a Djinn Vessel that was made exclusively to house a Djinn. It was made around 3000 years ago! It is made from glass and I have taken it to a few specialists and they have told me that it was made during a period before glass was melted and formed and were unable to explain to this day how cractsmen in this era achieved this, The glass that it is made from is lack and has several colours running through it, it is an almost symmetrical piece that must have been made with a Labour of love considering tools for handling glass (or even vreating glass) were scarce and extremly limited, I have puzzed over the enigma since these pieces have come into my possession.

I have been given only 2 of these pieces of this size and form, one I have kept for myself, they were conjured 3000yrs ago but are 5000 year old djinn, since working with the 2 of these I have realized that the Power of these djinns are virtually unmatched with any thing I have ever possessed, I have been given some very powerful djinn that I have been asked to auction, and all of them have a high degree of power and have displayed activity during the time they have been in my home, but these are quite different, I have tested these not just on my own but with the help of a friend of mine over here, who happens to have psychic abilities and quite knowledgeble with djinn, and she has had virtually the same level of activity as I have had myself.

From the first night one of them started lifting my pillow so that I wouldn't go to sleep, pulling on my bedsheet, I asked for them to stop, but they were determined to get me out of my slumber, in the end I sat in my bed and began talking to them, I heard whispers from everywhere and one of them appeared as a shadow on the wall, he wanted me to stay awake he told me that there were more of his "Tribe" and they were ancient and wise, that we are in an important time such as the time of the great Prophets, and now many who were now alligned with the same energy needed to be awoken from their slumber, his words were more abstract then what I am translating, I come from a Jewish and Muslim background so he told me that I was some kind of bridge and needed to disperse his 'Tribe' throughout the globe.

I had been waiting before putting out this tribe, I was told to keep one and let the rest go to those who were on the same path. I was told by this mighty Djinn who I have decided to make mine (since he contacted me first), that they would fall into the hands of those who were intended to receive them, all of which would be guided by them, to act as 'warriors of Faith and light' in a coming time very soon to come.
There is alot I am still to be told, and like ALL powerful djinn they will lead their masters to the resourses needed to achieve this coming task, they have the ability to provinde great riches and treasures, and positive opportunities which all humans are in need of, but they are mostly here to surpass what is merely needed to sustain our livelyhood, and provide a courage and understanding of what is required to enter a time in the near future and the wisdom of what has been forgotten from the ancient past.

They will provide the ability to communicate with otherbeings such as DEVA's and Khodam that will be there to aid our plight in the next evolutionary phase, show us Portals and stargates we can use to Time travel and teleport when that time comes.
I know alot of this sounds 'out there' when switching on and off in this 3 dimensional realm, but nothing is more of an illusion that what we experience and see in this limited realm.

This particular Djinn attached to this vessel, is one of the leaders of this ancient Djinn tribe, (the other is the one I decided to keep) they were both part of the council of Djinn that was formed during the time of Prophet Muhammad and the dawn of Islam, where ALL djinn were required to make a decision, whether they were to be Muslim Djinn or Diabolical, their decision would be final, and they were given a soul that would bear the consequenses of their deeds.

This Council was formed of many of the great djinn tribe leaders that were all Warriors and before this great decision were already fighting in Armies against the armies of Shaitanic djinn, and had earned their position by merit. The council was lead by AL YAZID, the greatest Djinn warrior known to man, who had the vision of this decision and formed the council, he has come to me in several dreams and Visions, months before I came into possession or knew anything of these Ancient djinn that have come into my life at this time.

It amazing how ones destiny unfolds even before we have any idea what is to be, and wonder what is next!
This Warrior Djinn was a council member and is a proud and mighty fighter who is much feared by the shaitanic djinn and their great numbers of armies, he has never been defeated and has to knowledge to provide what is asked from him, he has his own treasures and has available to him armies of djinn to protect and defend his master when called upon. The owner of this djinn will NEVER be disappointed with this Great warrior and always feel safe. He will learn great mysteries and secrets that are needed to take the position of what he is destined for, The master of this djinn is bound for great adventures and mystical journeys!

I have a number of these djinns from the same tribe, they are all old and made from the same mysterious glass, they all have the same ancient vessels that are over 3000 years, all are very powerful and have earned a high position because of their courage and wisdom they all belong to this high ranking djinn tribe, This Djinn is one of the leaders and is a King!


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