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Can A Djinn Bring You Wealth?  Yes But Only If His Conjured In A Proper Way.
For many years a lot has been said about this MYTHCAL Liquid and many people has lost and drowned into the search of this Liquid, well all that has come to an end, search no more. I have come to discover the most powerful formulas of making what has been head and called a myth into existence. My Good People I'm Honored To Present One Of The rarest Liquid Al-Kiko

 The benefits of this oil consist of:
Will increase the power of the Entity up to 100% more than it's normal Powers And Abilities.
It'll permanently boost the Entities overall power
It can be used as an offering in exchange for wish granting
It increase overall energy of the entity in this way the entity will be able to grant unlimited wishes
By offering this oil to the entity, the entity will obey all you command with a blind obedience
This will strengthen the bond between the Entity and the summoner
It'll Replenish the entity depleted power level etc.
Al-Kiko Comes In A Small Bottle Of 5ml Plus The Conjuration  Manual / Instructions.

NOTE: The only djinn that are most interested in Al-Kiko are the Jewish one's Also these kind of djinn work well with Christians. 


1 Gram
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