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Boost IQ + Good Fortune! Universal Power & Blessings!


AMAZING Haunted Djinniyah who contains the Power of the Goddess ATHENA!
Super-Charged Intellect, Wisdom, IQ + Positive Energy


This Magnificent Djinniyah has a series of sacred power of Century-old Rituals that have been passed down from ancient Witches' Circles & Elite Covens to around the World to bring Ultimate Fortune, Good Luck and Power to those who Possess her Great Energy! This Djinniyah will allow you to attract Positive Energy gain Blessings & Rewards that shall never fade!


Within this Djinniyah contains the Sacred Power of the Goddess ATHENA. She comes to us invoked by free will to help the Owner or master of this Djinniyah gain Ultimate Rewards, such as heightened Intellect, Creativity, Wisdom, Strength and so many more things:

  • Gain Wisdom, Intellect & Boost Your IQ 

  • Balances Chakras & Karma 

  • Cleanses The Mind, Body and Spirit 

  • Boosts Intellect, Wisdom, Memory 

  • Good Luck, Fortune, Money 

  • Love & Romance Success 

  • Attracts Magickal Energy & Blessings 


Goddess Athena utilizes the Power of all the Elements of Earth. She was conjured with care and respect on the Waxing Moon of Ostara in Summer of 1998 using the Goddess' Sacred Centuries-Old magical Doctrines and Rituals of the Ancient Circle with respect to all religions, ancestral beliefs and sacred magical practices! You shall gain all Powers and Gifts the Goddess Athena has to offer! In Magick, the possibilities truly have no limit!


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