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This listing is for the ring which serves as the vessel for a magnificent Goddess Djinn who has shared my life for over 15 years.  She is incredibly special to me, and has made innumerable positive impacts in my life over the years but it is time for her to join her next keeper.  She told me at the beginning of our journey that it would last as long as it has, and we would accomplish and share much – and we have.  

Goddess Djinn - Personal Treasure and Incomparable in Every Way Mystic Topaz Ring 7

She is over 100,000 years old, but believes age is a human-obsessed behavior and irrelevant.  She’s right!  She has spent time everywhere – literally, but considers herself Egyptian, and has the beauty that exceeds any Cleopatra Djinn, and, by far, surpasses their power.  The God and Goddess Djinn are unlike other kind of Djinn.  They are the “original” Djinn from which every other Djinn has aspired to be.  This is quite incredible when you think of all the types, races, degrees, etc. of Djinn in our realm and beyond, and their various strengths and abilities in which they excel, and in the distinct ways they benefit their keeper.  The God and Goddess Djinn have all the strengths and abilities that are afforded to the various other Djinn.  They are not only leaders of other Djinn but revered and worshiped as well with legions of followers. 

She is light in nature, although when issues arise where her keeper is being harmed (o even an attempt) in any way she will act in a more neutral way in order to protect her keeper, and regain balance in their life.  She is spiritual, ethereal and really quite angelic.  Always looking for the good and positive in everything and everyone – and amazingly seems to find it.   Her energy is difficult to describe – it is like no other I have known.  It can likely be felt by looking at the photos of the vessel or reading this description – particularly by her next keeper.  Her vessels over the years have moved on their own, vibrating across a table, or tingling when holding or wearing it.  It can be difficult for her, at times, to contain her energy – but she can channel it in many positive ways, which her next keeper will surely come to know and depend on. 


She is truly a precious, priceless treasure to me, and will be to her next keeper. Her beauty and boundless allure never fades, even a little, and is a constant source of strength, protection, confidence, and brings many amazing blessings at every turn and always at the most needed moment.  She has been an angel to me, which she reminds me of - of the highest order, with the additional powers of the mightiest Djinn.  She is truly that remarkable, and no words could do her justice.  She is soft-spoken, a fantastic companion who loves to connect very deeply with her keeper, and communicate often.   She has told me that her abilities have never been tested, and everything she has provided to all of her keepers has been effortless, and she waits patiently, but excitedly, to be able to prove herself in new ways.  Based on my experiences with her I can only imagine what she could be speaking of, because the gifts she has given me over the years have been nothing short of phenomenal.  She has been a true miracle worker, on more than one occasion.  She is genuine and true to her roots and creation, manifesting in a mist, fog or smoking flame.  Her form will evolve and she will appear to her keeper with a gentle smile and open arms.  A magical aura that is always visible around her provides a circle of energy which also surrounds her keeper, guiding, guarding and aiding at all times to ensure they are on the path of truth and light.  She is, no doubt, one that will be called on often – when in danger she brings protection and light; when conflicted or confused she brings clarity and direction. She brings strength and rejuvenation when her keeper is weak or restless.  If her keeper falls, she will be the one to lift them up offering reassurance, empowerment, strength and confidence.  Tears come to my eyes as I close and say she is anxious to begin the journey with her next keeper. 

Buyer Must Be 18 Years On Older

Goddess Djinn - Personal Treasure and Incomparable in Every Way Mystic

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$780.00Sale Price
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