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Haunted Money Pendant ~ Four Winds Wealth Spell! Draw Luck, Fortune, Success! and Gambling.
This magickal vessel is cast with an amazing wiccan wealth spell that transcends wealth & good fortune into your life from all Four Corners. This means that Luck, Good Fortune, Riches and Wealth will be ensued into all aspects of your life from North, South, East and West. This Pendant has very intense energies and was cast from one of the oldest forms of magick. All of the Goddess' names were used in the creation of this spell. This Pendant will bring you the money that you need--fast! Bad luck will be changed into Good Luck. Any negative energy surrounding you will be turned into positive energy. This powerful spell was cast during 7 days of the waxing moon to bring you the strongest spell possible!

 This item will never lose it's Power for as long as you have it! Wealth and Unlimited Blessings of Prosperity shall follow you where ever you go for all eternity! Blessed Be!
The Spells, Spirits & Magic imbued within this Magnificent Vessel are that of the most Powerful in the Universe—Our items are extremely potent and not to be taken lightly! All items contain great energies, for they are cast using only the most rare and ancient forms of Traditional Magick. This Powerful item brings great Blessings and Amazing Results! All you must do is be Positive in your Practice and great Gifts shall be bestowed upon you! Patience is a virtue! As my Grandmother always said "You must always Believe!" ~ Blessed Be!

All of our metaphysical items are cast using the same sacred magick rituals that were used by our ancestors centuries ago and have provided amazing results. These are sacred traditional witchcraft spells collected from all over the world--Many have been passed down to us by blood, others have been given to us by powerful Shaman, Warlocks, High Priests and Master Spirit Conjurers. A lot of time and care is put into our spellwork! Each ritual is performed for every individual and cast specifically to fit their needs and energies. We use only the finest supplies to cast our spells to guarantee you that your spell will be as potent and powerful as possible. Many other Spellcasters use cheap oils, incense, and herbs, which decreases the power and usefulness of the spell. All herbs used are 100% organic and grown in my own garden. Nearly all of the oils, incense and candles used are personally handcrafted by me.


Haunted Money Djinn Ring ~ Four Winds Wealth Spell! Draw Luck, Fortune, Success!

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