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KHODAM ANGEL DJINN of WEALTH + Unlimited Wishes, Blessings, Love and Peace!

This Magnificent holds the Power of the All Energies, Elements and All Powers of the Universe! It is my pleasure to present to you a spectacular high energy Cosmic Harmony Energy Pendant!

This item brings every element of your life into PERFECT BALANCE by aligning your energies with cosmic energy! It destroys negative influences and dark energy before it ever gets to you! Prosperity will flow freely and negativity will dissolve into thin air!

This Pendant is imbued with Age-Old White magick that has been well guarded and kept sacred. It is notably one of the most powerful items I have ever offered!

This Pendant was designed specifically to break patterns of bad luck and poverty as well as erase past negative karmic energy. Many people find themselves in a rut due to repeat behavior. This item will reverse these patterns and put you on the track to fast success!

This Pendant is a Portal of PURE Light! Attracting only positive energy and dispelling negative. It is a direct link to positive Spirits and Magical beings from all realms!

Be prepared for complete life rejuvenation with this powerful item!

  • Brings Wealth + Luck
  • Protection Against Curses
  • Purifies Energy in Home
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Calms nerves
  • Clears mental blocks
  • Provides Protection
  • Dispels negativity
  • Brings vast prosperity
  • Heals the chakras
  • Clears mental focus
  • Releases stored negative energy
  • Frees you from bad memories
  • Breaks negative patterns
  • Promotes serenity and peace
  • Rids You of Negative Energy and People
  • Unlimited Rewards + Blessings

Align your Sacred Energies to create PERFECT HARMONY in relationships, money matters, career and in Life! This Magnificent item makes everything you do easier and more Profitable! Great for success in Finances as well as Relationships! Puts YOU in control of your perfect destiny! Helps you to connect with the spiritual realm to seek guidance, truth and perspective.

KHODAM ANGEL For WEALTH + Unlimited Wishes, Blessings, Love and Peace!

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,050.00Sale Price
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