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This listing is for the ring which serves as the vessel for a remarkable group of seven Marid Blue Djinn.  Five Djinn are led by a King and Queen Djinn duo who are perfectly balanced, powerful and possess a vast array of highly sought after and extremely desirable abilities and strengths.  Each brings something unique and wonderful to the life of their next keeper!

The King Marid Djinn is nearly 25,000 years old and has an illustrious and truly extraordinary past with adventures alongside of many renowned leaders, victorious warriors and rulers in our history.  He is wise and caring but not warm and loving like his female counterpart.

He is compassionate and will show that side to his keeper and loved ones but he is very focused, driven, idealistic and goal-driven, which is easy to see when one learns of his incredible history.  He and the Queen Djinn have five followers bound to the vessel; however, at any time they can each have additional followers in the tens of thousands who increase their powers in every way.

The Queen Marid Djinn is the nurturer, the maternal guide and caregiver to her keeper.  She is loving, gentle yet strong and determined.  She is approximately 15,000 yet exceptionally beautiful.  She possesses great confidence which can be of great help to anyone needing a boost in their life, help overcoming struggles where confidence and courage are important and more.  She is an amazing wish-granter and an even more impactful companion and confidant.  Her legions of followers sing her praises and she always manages to make time for everyone yet never allowing her keeper to wait or want for anything.

The five other Djinn, also Marid Blue, are powerful and gifted in their own right, and should not be dismissed or forgotten because of the King and Queen.  They would be a valuable asset for any spirit keeper individually.  Together, as a group, the Marid Djinn King and Queen, along with another five Marid Djinn, for a total of 7 Djinn is a tremendously rare opportunity!

They have worked together to enchant the vessel with a great number of spells: Cleansing Spell, Hex/Curse Removal Spell, Banishing Spell, Protection Spell, Strength & Courage Spell, Spiritual Growth Spell, Health & Healing Spell, Beauty & Confidence Spell, Love & Romance Spell, and Prosperity & Abundance Spell.

Buyer Must Be 18 Years And Older.

King and Queen Marid Djinn and 5 Marid Followers Ring

$15,000.00 Regular Price
$9,750.00Sale Price
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