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The fourth one is Lieutenant General  ZahratI, has the power to do whatever thing one could want at night-time. He makes hail fall wherever he deigns and commands a considerably body of djinn / jinn and has Jils, Harsan and 'Iilyghur e.t.c.. beneath him.


This magickal vessel is cast with an amazing wiccan wealth spell that transcends wealth & good fortune into your life from all Four Corners. This means that Luck, Good Fortune, Riches and Wealth will be ensued into all aspects of your life from North, South, East and West. This ring has very intense energies and was cast from one of the oldest forms of magick. All of the Djinn' Sigils were used in the creation of this vessel. This ring will bring you the money that you need--fast! Bad luck will be changed into Good Luck. Any negative energy surrounding you will be turned into positive energy. This powerful djinn ring was cast during 7 days of the waxing moon to bring you the strongest positive energy possible!


This item will never lose it's Power for as long as you have it! Wealth and Unlimited Blessings of Prosperity shall follow you where ever you go for all eternity! Blessed Be!


The Benefits Of This Djinn Consists Of:


This Djinn Will Grant Any Wish That His Summoner Can Think Of.

This Djinn Will Protect His Summoner From Physical Danger And From Witchcraft.

This Djinn Will Protect His Summoner From All Enemies Visible And Invisible

This Djinn Will Help His Summoner To Obtain Vast Wealth

This Djinn Will Protect His Summoner From Unjust Abuse Of Power (Boss Officers, Judges And Others In Authority)

This Djinn Will Protect His Summoner Against  All Negativity 

This Djinn Will Give His Summoner The Gift Of Prophecy


NOTE: This Ring Talisaman will be delivered within 5-14 days after the order is placed, it'll be consecrated on behalf of the person who orded it in mind, it will also come with the full conjuration, the instractions on what to do and what not to do.

WEALTH Haunted Money, Luck, Fortune, Success Djinn Lieutenant General ZahratI

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