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This King of Djinn is very wise and Noble, he is assertive and knows how to bring his masters desires and wishes into reality! He has tremendous experience in manipulating 4th dimensional energies to bring them into the 3rd dimension, His nature is pure and good, he will never do anything that would harm a human being, if he is asked to do something he will do it the safest possible way.
All selfless wishes will be granted and of course his masters needs will be met.
 This ring is the very solid vessel for this Noble King, it is made from a blend of Metals and melted down coins, it is around 300 years old and was buried for around 130 years before being found again, Most of these rings were buries along with the possessions of their masters so they would not fall into the wrong hands, the djinn attached however knew that there would come a time where they were needed again to be active participants of the celestial shifts and global changes that are taking place in humanity in this new era.This King will be a great part of this movement and will start in the life of his next master, he will shift the energies and make use of the existing energies that are available to him at this time bringing the best outcome in the lives he touches, this is a truly remarkable Kind of Djinn!

Marid King of Djinn Wisdom & Shift of Energies

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