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This Marid Queen djinn is responsible for opening the Crown center, she is closely associated with improving the connection to ones creatorHer master will be exhalted into higher dimensions and paradigm shifts.This Djinniyah doesn't mess around, she will improve your 'Will' andlead her master to believe in the Power of the 'Self'. Some of the signs and symptoms will be heighten senses, wind gushing from crown area, sweating (releasing of Toxins) less sleep more energy and vitality, throwing out past issues and genetic reprogramming, DNA uprading, felt through physical symptoms of change, ie. energy movement within the body specially the hands, ability to heal and send energy remotely, connection to universal mind, generational memories (often refered to as 'Past life memories')

This effect will take a period of 3 weeks where each week the master will go through (daily) each chakra issue, and 3 times over making it 20 days, after this period a heightening of the senses is one of the first clear symptoms that will be felt.

This Marid Queen is a Master of healing, and will take an active part toward her next masters evolutionary process, this queen must be experiened, she is one of my favourites
and her master will be pleased with the effects, her new owner must be an active companion to her, as she will be to her new owner, please no not leave her on the shelf to collect dust, she needs to interact frquently for best benefits!

She is over 200 years old and her vessel is 300years old, she was conjured 300 yrs ago, the ring is a solid piece made from silver and has a real gemstone, I am not sure what it is but it has alot of depth when your stare at it, its absolutely beautiful. I would keep her myself but she needs someone who has more time for her, she doesn't like it when she is not spoken to regularly I honestly do not have the time for her that she deserves.

I would like to see that she gets someone who truly cares for her and her talent and treats her with respect and as a companion who is important in their life!

Marid Queen Crown Opening & Awakening

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