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This  is a Galiant Marid Warrior Prince! He is of royal status and has reached a high degree due to his own merit.

He will fight for his masters protection in the Astral realm, he will protect his master against dark forces and any evil attacks, he will guide his master toward recognizing when danger is close, and give him insight on how to deal with it.
Along with this insight he will always be there to assist his master and offer any protection and support needed to secure the safety of his owner and loved ones.

This djinn warrior prince is among the powerful djinn that I only offer.

All my djinn have been conjured at least 200 years ago such as this djinn, the age of this djinn is over 2000 years old which gives him wisdom, knowledge and experience in granting wishes of his master and defending him from astral attacks and any kind of etheric warfare targeted at him or his household. (curses, Evil Eye, hexes, voodoo etc.)

Marid Warrior Prince Djinn Of Protection Against Dark Forces And Any Evil Attack

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