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Haunted Spirit Orb Master of the 7 Gates


Djinn Genie of Unlimited Psychic Gifts


This Magnificent djinn is inhabited by a Sacred Genie of the Highest Class and Power! This Djinn shall invoke the Paradox of the Circle of Gaignon (Key of the 6th Sun). Invoke the Great Spirit of the 7 Gates and Gain all that you Desire! You shall be given the Gifts of Ultimate Psychic Power. See, Feel and Hear Spirits. Speak to the Dead. These Paranormal Gifts shall be Unlimited. Learn Sacred Knowledge you never knew was possible. There is no limit to the Rewards you shall receive! 


Imagine being able to interpret the energies that exist around you all the time, but that you normally cannot detect!! 

With this beautiful djinn you will be able to:

interpret cold spots.

interpret drafts.
know what causes tingling sensations.
Hear whispers from beyond our realm.
See orbs.
See mists.
See images in mirrors.
Interprety vivid dreams.
See visions.
Implant thoughts subliminally.
Experience enhanced intuitive processes.


Using this Djinn will drastically increase your communication with all types of spirits. I found that when testing this Djinn myself, I would often have a name, place and date come to me. I verified these names and dates and they were once people who lived in my area! 


It may take you about 3 weeks to master the energies of this Djinn. But when you do, you will realize that it is well worth the wait! It’s an absolutely amazing entity with strong positive energy and it is my pleasure to be able to offer it to you!


I suggest in the beginning, you only use it in controlled locations where you can call upon the entities you wish to communicate with. Once you learn how to turn the energies on and off, then use it as often as you wish.


This Sacred Djinn will aid you in all areas of your Life!
See, Feel and Hear Spirits!
Communicate with the Dead!
Learn Truths to the Secrets of the Unknown!
Gain Wealth, Success, Prosperity & More!
All that you desire shall become Yours!


  •  Tending the Path- This first element will assist one in overcoming obstacles and challenges by drawing in the energies that eliminates "hurdles and that which impedes one from progressing towards one's goals". The potent energies will as Albina says cleanse the road of "negativity and the detremental experiences that one has accepted as 'normal' or the "usual" and draws in more positive experiences that one will fins more satisfying and progressive. She adds that one will also discover that one has more "fasith in one's instincts and one does not 'second guess' oneself as a result of this initial element.


  • Open the path-The next amazing element of this spell draws in the powerful energies that eliminate "blockages" which come in the form of "stagnant" energies that weigh one down,. hinder communication and often impede even the more potent Magickal energies!! These energies will improve "forward motion and keep one headed towards advancement while allowing Magickal energies as well as environmental energies to assist one without interruption!!


  • The Bold Path- This third element draws in the sacred energies to grant one an even "higher charge' of energies that maintains the "open roads" as well as consistently keeping a "steady flow of energies" within the bearer, between the bearer and in relation to higher realms (to communicate and bond with higher beings and spirits). These energies will even grant a "boost" of power and strength to the bearer as well as one's "spirit friends" that Angels, Djinn, guides, totems and earthly spirits in Albina's description " find invigorating". These energies will greatly empower the bearer by strengthening one's "flow" of energies to dramatically enhance communication with guides, spirits, Djinn and Angels, improve relationships with other people, as well as granting one a charge of energies that further one's "advancement and inner strengths" as one continues towards one's goals and desires!!


  • Pathfinder- The final element of this wish will grant the bearer the energies that bestow "direction, higher wisdom and understanding" of one's new found abilities and strengths as a result of the first three elements. one will also find that one no longer feels "unsure or lost" as one begins to fully "trust and respect the inner divine knowledge" that one has opened up too! Albina says one will understand " where one has been and where one is going" as one become familiar with success, plentiful endeavors and the ease of advancement towards one's most desired states, communication and goals!


Nothing is Impossible! The Results are Limitless!


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