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This is the crown prince of Hell who rules over witchcraft and embodies the sin of wrath, you may ask yourself why i included such a melevolent Djinn full of anger, malice and wrath to this website as one of the benevolet Djinn. The answer is simple, these creature prey on our fear of them, the more someone spends their time in fear for these ceature is the more these creature will toment you yet if one can be strong enough and summon one and also escape their interrogation and find himself out their pact or contract he will be able to use them any way he may wish without any consequences as well as his bloodline.  If one conjure these seven djinn and get them to make a pact with him i mean not him to make a pact with them God will forgive his sins of the passed, present and the future and his bloodline will be protected and successful in all parts. 


This Talisman has been handcrafted and consecreted to bring the owner the following:

Protection when performing spiritual or magical rituals.

Protection from all evil spirits and danger 

For attracting luck and success even in the hardest situations

It will help one to summon this djinn and  also protect you once you show this djinn his sigil which is engraved on the talisman

Ths talisman is a poweful HEX breaker 

It's good for attracting wealth and abundance e.t.c

Prince Alshaytan

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