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According to Islam, Every human is bonded a djinn,jinn or genie at the time of birth and this djinn is known as Qareen / hamza ( Guardian djinn ) The purpose of this djinn is to assist, guide and to protect his master. but the time you spend when your djinn is not captured and conjured it becomes evil and very dangerous ot his own master. but this djinn can be captured and turned into ones servant djinn. it is very difficult to capture this kind of a djinn, it takes a skilled and experienced djinn conjurer to capture such a djinn. it can take 30 to 40 days for a non experienced conjurer to capture ones qareen / hamzad and it takes 5 to 7 days for an experienced conjurer to capture ones qareen / hamzad. It is one of the most human companion djinn one can ever get,  but after it's captured and turned into ones servant djinn. 


What Are The Benefits Of Ones Qareen / Hamzad After It's Captured And Turned A Servant?


  • They can give you information on any person in the world. Every human on this universe has a qareen, once ones qareen /hamzad is captured, then it can be sent to any person's qareen to collect any information on that person. We are bonded are qareen from the day of birth, So they know every detail on us.
  • Find lost and stolen thing.
  • Ones qareen can influence another person's qareen to get that person to do anything you want. 
  • Your qareen can tell you about who is coming to you and what their intentions are.  This can help in terms of avoiding and knowing who your enemies are, some can use this as an advantage of knowing the plans of those around them.
  • They increase spirituality.
  • Once ones qareen is captured and turned into a specific persons servant, the qareen can tell his master the passed, present and the future another person.
  • Every human has got abilities to do different kinds of things, for example if your qareen has been captured it can help you enhance your psychic abilities. e.t.c 
  • Your qareen will help you open your luck to money, can make you loved unconditionally can also protect you from evil djinn or bad djinn. 
  • This is the only djinn who has the ability to grant unlimited wishes to his master if it is captured.


Here Are Just A Few Of The Common Metaphysical Gifts A Qareen  Can Grant His Master.


Vast Wealth and Riches, Material Abundance, Business Opportunity, Eliminating All Debt, Prosperity, Better Odds in Games of Chance, Extreme Good Luck, Favor In Inheritances, Finding Lost Treasures, Gaining Business Partners, Attracting Customers, Success in Stocks & Investments, Aiding Creativity in Obtaining Wealth, Consistency, Strength of Mind, Fortitude,
Surprise Cash Flow, Money Minded Intuition, Negating Negativity and Those with Ill Intent,
Removing Obstacles, Fame and Fortune, Self Advancement . And So Much More.


Danger From Hamzad / Qareen Before It Is Captured.


Naturally these are creatures who are very powerful and evil if they are not captured and turned into servants for their masters, they have no remorse since they know all the details about us, they know what scares you, what makes sad by knowing your all weakness they will tormenting your all life until the day you die and this will continue with those who will come after you. for example if you did not get the chance to fight, the torment will continue with your children and their children.


A few who have found out about this have gone an extra mile to save their lives and the lives of those who will or have come after them. those are the successful ones.


According to Islam prophet Muhammed ( S.A.W ) him self had his qareen and he turned it into islam, this resulted to no even negative energy or thoughts could attack him.       

Qareen / Hamzad

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