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Rare Unique And Powerful Offering For Spiritual Companion, Zayt Al-naar (Fire Oil) The Ultimate Djinn Oil


This oil was created specifically for Entiies created from smokeless fire which are known as the Jinn or djinn. This is one of the very few offering that are prepared with the use of powerful djinn which  not only empowers the oil but also assit in the Entire preparation process so that all ingredients are of exact amount.


The fire oil comes in two forms, One is for the malevolent Entities and the other one is for benevolent Entities. The benevolet entity oil can be applied to benevolent entities or malevolent Entity. The more stronger the entity becomes is the more benefits the master of the entity will get.


The benefits of this oil consist of:

  • Will increase the power of the Entity up to 50% more than it's normal Powers And Abilities.
  • It'll permanently boost the Entities overall power
  • It can be used as an offering in exchance for wish granting
  • It increase overrall energy of the entity in this way the entity will be able to grant unlimited wishes
  • By offering this oil to the entity, the entity will obey all you command with a blind obediyence
  • This will strengthen the bond between the Entity and the manster
  • It'll Replenish the entity depleted power level etc.

Rare Unique And Powerful Djinn Offering, Zayt Al-naar (Fire Oil)

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