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This Magnificent has the ablity to awaken your Psychic Powers and Enter the Spirit World! This Sacred Vessel is inhabited by Genie Anubis, the Egyptian God, revered as the embalmer of the dead and one who weighed the truth of the heart against a feather to determine one's worth in the afterlife. This Item allows you to summon, conjure and communicate with spirits and entities of all types! You shall be able to Discover your Past Lives and see who you were in Other Worlds. You shall gain the sacred Knowledge of the Past & Utilize it in the Present and Future. Speak to Loved Ones, Celebrities, or Elite Powers who have passed on. Experience Visions of the Afterlife & Previous Existence. This is an extremely Powerful Spell obtained by the Skull & Bones society by our Coven. It is our honor to present it to you. This Sacred Wish-Granting Genie of Anubis is bound by no Limitations. The Genie shall guide you and Protect you in the Spirit World always!

 Discover Your Past Lives

Communicate With Any Spirit or Entity

Summon Angels, Demons and Ghosts

Channel Sacred Light from Other Dimensions

Experience Visions of the Afterlife

Speak to Loved Ones or Famous People

Conjure Raw Energy

And so much More!


The Spells and Invocations shall be performed for you with Love & Care.


SPIRIT Master Skull & Bones ANUBIS God of Egypt Djinn

SKU: 671253175371
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