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This is a rare Haunted Powerful Healing Jinniyah of the Highest Class & Power. She brings the ability to heal all Sickness and Ailments, including Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder and all types of Cancer! The energies of this Powerful Djinniyah will speed up the Healing process like none other and Banish all Ailments, Disease and Negativity from the lives of you and your loved ones Forever! This haunted Djinniyah is conjured of hundreds of powerful rituals and summoning practices to bring the perfect entity bound to your spiritual aura. This spirit will serve as your personal guide and guardian that will assist you in all times of need.


This Djinniyah holds the key to ultimate Harmony, Peace and Balance! The powers of this Sacred Jinniyah  will conquer any Physical or Emotional ordeal in which you are facing, including: all general emotional Healing and Protection, Enhanced Benefit in Meditation (Especially meditation involving personal healing), Aiding in Mental Balance, Mending a Broken Heart and Much More! This Djinniyah provides complete Protection from negative energies, bad luck, psychic attacks, and warns you of dangerous and damaging people and situations! Heal yourself and your Loved ones and banish the stress, hurt and anxiety that drags you down! With the Powers of this Healing Jinniyah entity on your side, your Spiritual Chakras will be filled with the Strength, Courage, and Motivation you need to soar to incredible Heights! This is a very rare and powerful Djinniyah that has only been available to my Elite clients until now!

This Djinniyah has been Conjured and Blessed by 13 Djinniyah Queens under the light of the Waxing Moon. It's Power and Energies go far beyond the Magick of what other casters or conjurer may offer! All tools and herbs used in these Sacred Ancient Rituals are 100% Organic to ensure the greatest Power & Strength possible! It features 3 Blessed Chakra centers that symbolize Healing, Prosperity and Peace. The Triple Goddess symbolizes the three phases of womanhood; maiden, mother, and crone. The view of the Goddess as triple aspected goes back as far as recorded history (and maybe further). You must experience the Healing Powers of this Blessed Jinniyah for yourself!


This is a Powerful Healing Devata Goddess Jinniyah of the highest class, and will never harm you or bring evil energies into your home. She is extremely skilled in her wish granting ability and can bring forth anything you command!


Here are just a few of the Metaphysical Powers this Djinniyah holds:


Physical Healing from illness or disease, Mental Healing, Emotional Healing, Finding and Keeping love, Accepting love,
Good Luck, Anti-Depression, Emotional Protection, Heightened Intuition, Attracting positive energy, Telling truth from lies,
Good decision making, Balancing Chakras, Self Advancement, Creativity, Fertility, Banishing Negative Energies, Peace and Tranquility, Granted Wishes.



I have Limited Quantities! Buy It Now before it's too late!


There are limited quantities of this particular Djinniyah! Now may be your only chance to own this powerful Entity! Each rritual is performed specifically for every individual to ensure the powers are unique and custom fit for each person's needs. If purchasing a Spirit, note that No two people will ever receive the same entity and no none else will be able to conjure your spirit through another vessel, unless noted otherwise. All conjurations are custom and specifically to be bound to your energies alone! Rather than receiving an entity that is already conjured, you are receiving the entity that will be specifically conjured for YOU! Bid while there is still time and change your life Today! 


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