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This Magnificent Djinn you see before you is a sanctuary of White light, Power and Ultimate Blessings! he has exponential powers of Wealth, Success, and Financial Opportunity that will be bestowed upon you with Amazing Results! The Energies of this Powerful djinn will surround you with Good Luck and Good Fortune wherever you go!  You will instantly be transported into a whirlwind of Luxury and Riches!  This Powerful Djinn was first presented to my Father decades ago by a great Druid prince who had acquired the sacred powers during his own personal journey to the Haunted lands of Egypt many years ago. This powerful Djinn can aid you in manifesting your deepest Dreams and desires! Eliminate all doubt, fear and worry of the Future! Call upon the ancient powers of this benevolent Djinn and enter into the sacred realm of the Sacred Marid djinn king - You too will now possess the same powers that have been bestowed upon him for centuries! Help is on it's way!


This beautiful Djinn is inhabited by a powerful Celestial Marid King Djinn entity of the Highest Class and Power. The Celestial Marid King Djinn is a rare Angelic breed of Djinn that aids it's possessor especially in the areas of Wealth, Healing and Protection. Celestial Djinn are known as the Finders of Hidden Treasures and will lead you to great Fortune and Financial Freedom! They will bring great rewards and gifts of Silver, Gold, Jewels and Gems! You will find yourself discovering Treasures, Riches, and Opportunities of Great Wealth in the most unexpected and surprising ways! Each Djinn will be specially conjured to fit your individual needs and personal desires for maximum Power & Blessings! The Djinn will be sent to us by the guiding Power of the Great Circle of the Jesaniut Djinn, the Heavenly Gate of 2nd Realm of Angels. These Djinn are Highly skilled in their Wish Granting abilities and can bring forth anything you ask of them! Celestial Djinn are also very Protective and will guard your Riches and Finances as well as bring Ultimate Protection to You and your Family! Any Negative Energies surrounding you will be converted into Positive Energy to be used at your Benefit. Those who seek to destroy you with the dark forces of Black Magick will have no effect on you whatsoever! The powers of this Djinn also work to reverse any Evil Magic, Curses or Hexes placed upon you or your Family. No longer will you be held back from achieving your Dreams and reaching your full potential in Life!

The Powers of this magnificent Djinn or Genie will Enhance and Enlighten your natural Psychic Abilities making it easier to utilize your Haunted Items and Connect with Energies in your Home. You will be lifted and Empowered with benevolent Energy of White Light! You will become more in tune to Spiritual Forces as well as more successful in relationships with Family and Friends around you! Ownership of this Djinn allows you to possess a rare and sacred Portal into a World of Heavenly and Angelic spirits as this Djinn attracts entities of all realms! The powers of this djinn will draw in other angelic energies and allow you to utilize their power to manifest great things for yourself such as Wealth, Prosperity, Success and Strength! In your journey you will learn great secrets to Truths of the Unknown and receive powers of Prophetic Visions that will change your life Forever! The radiant Energies of this Djinn can be used to aid you in connecting with spirits you may already possess. Help utilize the power of Djinn, Devata and Ilmu Khodam that you already own. This powerful marid djinn will bring extraordinary Knowledge and Insight into all areas of Magick. The powers of this magnificent djinn will allow you to chance your reality and gain the things you desire most right now! Don't waste another minute worrying about Wealth and much more!


Don't let this Rare and Powerful Djinn slip away! Bid now before it's too late!


Here are just a few of the Metaphysical Powers this Djinn holds:


Bringing Vast Wealth, Success, Luck in Business, Financial Opportunity, Self Advancement, Self Confidence, Beauty and Healing, Motivation,
Luck in Games of Chance, Healing Power, Psychic Abilities, Boosting Psychometric Energy, Gathering Knowledge, Attracting Spirits and, Energies, Aiding in Magickal Practice, Healing Ailments, Overcoming Obstacles, Material Abundance, Bringing Joy and Happiness,
Protection From Curses and Hexes, Strengthening Your Bond with Spirits & Loved Ones, Granting Wishes,




Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Smoke, Fire, Orbs, Flashes of Light, Beaming Energy, Whispers, Voices, Unexplained Noise, Knocking, Footsteps, Moving Objects, Shadows Within Shadows, Blurs, Temperature Changes, Energy Shifts, Dream Manifestations, and more. Experience the intense powers and energies for yourself!


This Djinn is conjured of 100% Pure White Light Energy and will not hurt or harm you in any way. After the Djinn is invoked into a ring vessel you do not have to wear this Djinn for the Powers to affect your Life - Keeping it in a Charging box, Charm bag or simply Carrying it with you will do just fine!


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