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“how do you know they are good jinn and they fight bad jinn?”

First i want to briefly describe my family background and my past life

I’m the only son of my family. My father has no brothers but has two sisters. i also have two sisters. I was out of study from the age of 13 to 18. And i suffered a lot i had ultiple suicide attempts I time was really bad for me and it was getting worse day after day. maybe “Deadly effect of the evil eye which was done to me” I didnt feel like living in this world anymore. All credits to allah that i didt get habituated in smoking or drink or committing jina.

A lot of unual things were discovered in my house which indiacted that they were done to me only. a tied rope was found in the kitchen. My parents took them to the hujurs then they burnt it and saidit was done to me (found when i was 19). They told me that i was frequantly under attack b close relatives who want to harm me. Until i came across Chief Habib and i contacted him for help, he told me that he uses good religious djinn to ward off evil ones from those who are possessit thanks to his great work he help me and how i am free from suffering.

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