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Is it possible to talk to the jinn and use them?

I spoke with this guy who´s know to e have some powers to talk with Jinn I guess muslim ones), and he told me some stuff about me.those people use words , phrases from Quran to control Jinn. What you think about those people ? And is it ok to speek with them. and those people ( Ahl el-Ketab ) who are they? frankly, I read books, they mention how to make ( TAWEEZ), and how to control Jinn, and see angles, and these books use Quran´s words I like to know more about this... I live away from my family for some years, I faced many problems, And Allah helped me to solve them... I have some ( stupid ) love problem, I need to talk with someone who can really tell me about it.. and how to solve it..

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