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I'm Honored To Present You The Greatest Life Changing Djinn, Jinn, Genie Who Can Be Constrained By Divine And Human Force.   

For Those Who Wish To Have Ultimate Wealth, Abundance, Success, Wisdom, Tranquility Of The Mind, Third Eye Opening, Good Luck, Good Fortune, Power, Fame, Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance, Prophecy And Ultimate Command Over The Djinn, Jinn, Genie Or Demons This Is The Time For You To Become That Person You've Always Wanted To Be. Djinn Summoning

 The Hierarchic of the djinn / jinn consist of 97 ruling djinn

On This Website You Will Find The Principle, Superior And Inferior Djinn / Jinn, Their Ranks, Attributes, And Domains To Rule Over, Which i'll briefly talk about.

The Office Of The Principle Djinn Rulers, Here I will Only Mention Three Superiors

'Iiblis The extremely powerful Emperor, supreme and independent, free and absolute ruler of the subterranean kingdom, despotic lord over all his jurisdiction, the formidable, most noble, rule everything in the most regular fashion, moving and governing the fortunes and misfortunes of his subjects with absolute power, wise and sagacious, endowed with the most sublime and luminous character, the dominator of Europe and of all misfortunes in general. 

The 18 djinn who are inferior to the first six already mentioned

Baealzabul his a great Prince. He commands 36 Legions of Djinn.

'Astaruth He is a Mighty And a great Duke he rules 40 Legions of Djinn. 

Then come the six superior djinn / jinn who are beneath the three above-mentioned

The First djinn is a King ruling in the East, called Bayl, The second djinn is a Duke called Ajiryas who is under the Power of the East,  The third djinn is Marbas. He is a Great President, The fourth djinn is Bruflas his a great prince and duke, Fifth djinn is Amwn. He is a Marquis great in power, The sixth djinn is Rujuli. He is a Great Duke, The seventh djinn is Bur he is a Great President, The eighth djinn is a great and strong Duke, called Jujin, The ninth djinn is Butis, a Great President, and an Earl, The tenth djinn is is Dakhili. He is a Mighty and Strong Duke,  The eleventh djinn is Harsan a Great King, The twelfth djinn is 'Iilijus, a Great Duke, The thirteenth djinn is Liraj. He is a Marquis Great in Power, The Fourteenth djinn is Valefor. He is a mighty Duke, The Fifteenth djinn is Ipos. He is an Earl, and a Mighty Prince, The Sixteenth djinn is called Nabirus. He is a most valiant Marquis, The seventeenth djinn is Qayimat Almustalahat is a Mighty President and Earl, e.t.c

The first is the great Luakufuj Rufukal, the infernal Prime Minister who possesses the power that 'Iiblis gave him over all worldly riches and treasures. He has beneath him Bayl, 'Agharis and Marbas along with thousands of other djinn / jinn who are his subordinates.

The second is the great Satanatsha, the Great General who has the power to make all young or old. Women submit to him; he commands a strong legion of djinn / jinn and has beneath him Baruslas, Amun and Rajuli.

'Ajaliaribt, General, has the power to uncover the most well-hidden secrets of all of the courts and cabinets of the world and reveals the greatest mysteries; he commands the second legion of djinn / jinn and has Ghyr, Jusuin and Buris etc.. under his command.

ZahratI, Lieutenant General, has the power has the power to do whatever thing one could want at night-time. He makes hail fall wherever he deigns and commands a considerably body of djinn / jinn and has Jils, Harsan and 'Iilyghur e.t.c.. beneath him.

Sarbayz, Brigadier, has the power to render one invisible and to transport you anywhere, to open all of the keyholes and to let you see what is going on in other houses and to teach you Necromancy. He commands other brigades of djinn / jinn and has beneath him LawrayValefar and Satafeal, etc..

Sawf taltaqit, Field Marshal, or Inspector General, has the power to do evil to whomever he pleases and enables one to find the Hand of Glory and teaches the qualities of minerals, vegetables and of all of the animals, pure and impure, possesses the art of foretelling the future, being one of the best Necromancers of all of the Infernal spirits. He can go anywhere and inspects all of the Infernal Militias and has beneath him 'Aybirus, and Glosialobolas, etc..

Although there are millions of spirits that are all inferior to those above, it would be useless to describe them because they are employed by the superior ones. To work in their place all of these inferior spirits are employed as if they were workers of slaves.

Now you come to know the power, science, wealth, art and talents at all of the subject Djinn / Jinn, so that he who would like to own a djinn can find in each one of the six superior djinn the power that he will need.

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